Tidal Transport

Our Services

Hold Cleaning

Tidal Transport USA was founded in 2005 primarily to offer Hold Cleaning services for all dirty cargoes including for Cement, Coal, Concentrates, and any other residues requiring preparation for loading.

We are contacted by various owners and agents on a weekly basis to quote for cleaning handy, handy- max and Panamax vessels on the US West Coast. We serve the entire U.S. West Coast with strategic geographic locations in the Pacific Northwest, San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. 

We clean more than 100 vessels per year, with many cleanings operating under Service Agreements or Rate Agreements depending on the customer.

We have also implemented state-of-the-art technology with the use of Cleaning Robots for the operations in San Francisco and the Columbia River. This will allow more Safe, Efficient and Environmentally Friendly operations.


Tidal Transport USA started providing stevedoring services in 2011 with a single account. We have since grown over the years, servicing private terminals in Portland, Sacramento as well as providing bulk discharge operations to barges in Seattle.
Currently, we handle more than 1,300,000 tons per year, with Cement & Gypsum being our main commodities.

Port Captain

Since 2005, Tidal USA has provided Port Captain services for the discharge or loading of logs, steel, RoRo, Containers, heavy lift, project cargo, among others. There is no company on the coast, or likely in North America, that can match Tidal’s collective knowledge in loading logs.
We have good relationships with all of the major bulk carriers and are frequently contacted when they have needs. We are often called to attend for all of the major carriers including project cargo carriers for all breakbulk commodities and heavy lift.

Marine Services

Various complementary services for our customers:

1. Equipment rental: We rent out Tidal owned 10CBM radio remote controlled Grabs which are utilized by stevedores or terminals to discharge dry bulk.

2. Aerial lift inspection service:
Regular service to utilize our Manlifts for AQIS inspections in the Columbia River and Puget Sound.

3. General delivery
: On behalf of owners and agents we deliver various items for ship use, including spare parts, chemicals for hold preparation, pumps, jumbo bags, etc.

4. Warehousing
: We store ships spares and lashing equipment in our Portland and Sacramento warehouse, as requested by ship owners and agents.